Hon. Prof. Kingsley Nyarko, the Member of Parliament for the Kwadaso Constituency, has made a significant contribution to the education system in these two areas_ Asuoyeboah and Ohwimase.

On the 28th of April, 2023, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Kwadaso constituency,powered by the Ministry of Education, donated educational technologies for the establishment of smart classrooms at Asuoyeboah M/A JHS and Ohwimase Anglican JHS. These technologies included:
i. laptops for teachers, which included learning management and classroom systems
ii. 100 tablets (50 for each school)
iii. projectors (one for each school)
iv. Intel Content Access Point (one for each school)
v. units of storage etc. (one for each school)
vi. virtual libraries
vii. coding robotics and AI kit and curriculum
viii. teacher 4.0 curriculum and training.

The donation was part of Hon. Prof. Kingsley Nyarko’s vision to digitalize the education system in the Kwadaso constituency.

The Member of Parliament stated that the introduction of the technologies into the education system would enhance the quality of education and prepare
students as well as teachers for the digital world. He also acknowledged that providing such vital educational technologies would enhance the development of literacy and problem-solving as well as provide curriculum support and additional information to students.

The Honourable MP encouraged and advised students to make very good use of the technologies provided to them and always be smart and serious with their education.

The two headmasters of the aforementioned schools expressed their gratitude to the Honourable MP for his good works. According to them, the donations were the first of their kind in their institution.

On behalf of the Kwadaso Municipal Director of Education,Kwadaso,Mr.Kwakwa also thanked the Honourable MP for his good works. He also mentioned that when the Directorate requested anything, the Honourable MP responded to its requests a as soon as possible.

In-Attendance were some assembly members, Constituency executives and public observers.

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