The Management of Kwadaso Municipal Assembly through the Human Resource Department has organized a day’s in-house training for Heads of Department and Staff of the Assembly on Risk Management.

The training was held On Thursday 8th December, 2022 at the Assembly’s New Administrative Block with technical support from Rhymoss Consult.

In his opening remarks, the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Emmanuel Ntoso welcomed the staff present and then briefed them about the purpose of the meeting.

He urged them to participate fully in the training so as to achieve the goal of the training.

He finally expressed his appreciation to the consultants and thanked them for availing themselves for this training in spite of their busy schedule.

In his presentation, the Technical Officer of Rhymoss Consult, Quatada Mohammed explained that, the aim of the training programme was to provide workers with the requisite knowledge required to conduct effective risk management.

He said the training is to also help workers identify risk, hazards and challenges associated with their work and assist them develop effective control measures to eliminate or mitigate the risk.

He explained that, risk management is a way of reducing accidents or challenge at the workplace.

Mr. Quatada said, risk management should not be limited to only management as all workers must be able to recognize risk at their level.

Mr. Quatada Mohammed was accompanied by his Director Mr. Osman Mohammed.

The MCD, Mr. Ntoso in his closing remarks expressed his gratitude to the consultants and all the staff for their participation and contribution towards the success of the training.

He expressed the believe that the impact of the training would be felt in work delivery of Head of Department and staff as well.

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