The Kwadaso Municipal Assembly has on Wednesday 7th December, 2022 held its final Executive Committee meeting for the year 2022 at the Conference Hall of the Assembly’s New Administrative Block.

The meeting was to discus, consider and approve proposals and recommendations submitted to the Executive Committee by the various sub-committees of the Assembly.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the committee, Hon. Richmond Agyenim Boateng welcomed all members to the meeting and admonished them to give off their best for a fruitful deliberation.

The conveners of the various sub-committees namely Finance and Administration, Justice and Security, Social Services, Transport, Works and Development Planning took turns to present their recommendations to the committee for discussion, approval and onward presentation to the General Assembly for final approval.

The highlights of the presentation of the various sub-committee were as follows;

The Social Service Sub-committee in their report recommended that, the Assembly as a matter of urgency pull down an unused and dilapidated public toilet structure at Nwamase which poses a danger to the residents.

They also recommended that, the Assembly should put measures in place to ensure public toilet operators allow children under age twelve (12) use public toilet facilities in the Municipality free of charge.

They Transport Sub-committee was called to present their report. They made the following recommendations:

  • That, transport fares from Siloam to Agric should be reviewed downwards and also from Siloam to the Municipal Assembly.
  • That, the KdMA Transport and Vehicle Policy (Draft) should be adopted for implementation.
  • That, the Transport Department together with the committee should embark on an enforcement exercise to renew the permits of transport operators in the Municipality.

The Justice and Security Sub-Committee also presented their report to the house. The following recommendations were made:

  • Copies of the Assembly’s Bye-Laws should be made available to the security service within the Municipality for enforcement.
  • There should be erection of Assembly’s sign post at all boundaries of the Assembly to prevent neighboring MMDA’s from collecting revenue from those areas.
  • The Assembly should increase fuel allocation of the Police Commands within the Municipality for them to intensify patrols during Christmas Festivities.

Reports of the Works Sub-committee was also presented to the Executive committee. They also made the following recommendations:

  • All public buildings especially school blocks should be storey buildings for judicious use of lands.
  • Provision of streetlight and accessories for maintenance to improve security during the festive period.
  • That, the Middle Belt Development Authority Projects that are not in use should be commissioned and made accessible to the public.

The Finance and Administration Sub-committee in their report also made the following recommendations:

  • Management should place a Basic rate of Two Ghana cedis (GH₵2.00) on some selected ratable items like Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Registration of Business, Sale of Tender Documents, Building Permits and other items suitable for the operation.
  • Management should intensify efforts to identify the boundaries of the Municipality since other Sister Assemblies are encroaching the Assembly’s boundaries and is affecting the IGF of the Assembly.

The Development Planning Sub –committee also presented their report to the house. Their recommendations were as follows;

  • That, three Billboards should be mounted around the proposed Tourist site to create awareness and ward off encroachers.
  • That, the Assembly should support community initiated projects.
  • That, management should support the five-member committee set up to prepare a comprehensive project database for all projects especially MP’s (former and current) within the Municipality.

On the formation of a five-member committee to prepare a comprehensive database for all projects of the Assembly, the Development Planning Committee members explained that, the Kwadaso Municipal Assembly have properties scattered all over the Municipality without any data on them, thus the formation of the five-member committee. The EXCO accepted this recommendation and added the Municipal Statistician, Auditor, Estate, Transport and the Municipal Coordinating Director to the five   member committee.

The recommendations from the various sub-committees were all deliberated upon and were considered for onward submission to the General Assembly for approval or otherwise.

In his closing remarks, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hon. Richmond Agyenim-Boateng expressed his gratitude to all members for a successful meeting.

He cautioned the Heads of Departments about the importance they attach to activities of the Assembly. He warned them to desist from absenting themselves from meetings organized by the Assembly or face sanctions.

On his part, the Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Emmanuel Ntoso added his voice to the lukewarm attitude of some staff especially Heads of Department to avoid habitual lateness to meetings and activities of the Assembly.

He said as technocrats, it is the expectation that, they provide technical advice to the Assembly at all meetings.


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