The Kwadaso Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Richmond Agyenim Boateng has embarked on community engagement in the Kwadaso Municipality to acquaint himself with challenges facing them.

The four days’ engagement which began on 22nd September to 29th September 2022 was also aimed at interacting with the citizens as well as explain to them some policies and programmes of the government.

The MCE in the company of the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Emmanuel Ntoso, Municipal Feeder Roads Engineer, Head of Decentralized departments and the Assembly Members for the electoral areas visited communities like Ohwimase, Kwadaso and Nsiah Asare, Edwenease/Agric, Kwadaso North, Nwamase/Apire and Nzema/Kokode.

Other areas included Takyiman/Denchemuoso, Asuoyeboah South, Tanoso North and South, Asuoyeboah North, Nyankyerenease and Apatrapa.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Emmanuel Ntoso, explained the reasons of the visit to the communities that, since the Kwadaso Municipal Assembly was carved out of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly in March 2018, there have been many developmental projects and it is incumbent on the MCE and his management to let the people know what they have done so far.

He further stated that the Municipal Chief Executive deemed it fit to educate the populace on some governments policy interventions and programmes and how they can also take advantages of them.

He added that, the visit would also give the people an opportunity to participate in the decision making process of their communities and the Assembly as a whole.

Mr. Ntoso was grateful to the people for honoring their invitation especially Nananom for taking time off their busy schedules to attend the event.


The Municipal Chief Executive, thanked all the people especially Nananom for honoring his invitation and the support they have shown him ever since he became the MCE.

He stated that, the purpose of his visit was to receive first-hand information on the problems facing the various communities.

The visit was also to brief the inhabitants in the various communities about some government interventions and policies like 1D1F, Planting for Food and Jobs, Free Senior High School, Planting for Export and Rural Development among others.

The MCE also talked about some developmental projects been undertaken by the central government and the Assembly.

The MCE in a power point presentation explained some developmental projects (both completed/ uncompleted) the Assembly under his tenure has undertaken including assistance to the needy in the society.


  • Completion and furnishing of 1No. 40 Beds Capacity Male and Female Wards at Apatrapa.
  • Construction and Furnishing of 1No. 2 –Unit KG Block with Staff Office, Store, W/C, Changing Rooms at Presby School – Takyiman.
  • Construction of 1No. 3 –Unit Abattoir with sewage Control System and Animal Dressing Open Shed at Sofoline – Kwadaso.
  • Construction of 1No. Police Station with Offices, Cells and Ancillary Facilities at Nsiah Asare, Kwadaso.
  • Drilling of 3No. Solar Powered Mechanized Boreholes for Basic Schools in the Kwadaso Municipality.
  • Reshaping of some selected roads
  • Supply of 70 suppressed handwashing Facilities.
  • Construction of 3No. Solar Powered Mechanized Borehole.
  • Taro Multiplication Project.


  • Construction of 1No. 2 –Unit Kindergarten Block with Ancillary Facilities (L-Shaped) at Apire.
  • Construction of 1No. Police Station with Offices, Cells and Ancillary Facilities at Pokukrom – Kwadaso. (PH 1).
  • Construction of 1No. 3 –Unit Classroom Block with Office, Store and Staff Common Room at Prempeh Basic “C” School – Kwadaso North.
  • Construction of Police Post Block at Apire.
  • Reconstruction of Sunyani – Kumasi Road Phase II
  • Kumasi Inner City Roads
  • Construction of 2No. Bridge
  • Surfacing of Road
  • Planting of 40,000 trees
  • Construction of 6 No. Institutional toilets (Wash facilities)
  • Construction of Household toilets (478 No. constructed)
  • GAMA/GKMA (provision of household toilet facilities)
  • Sensitization in Takyiman market
  • Organized quiz in three Basic Schools
  • Health Education in Basic Schools.
  • Sharing of Handwashing equipment in schools.
  • Taro Multiplication Project.
  • Planting for export and rural development.
  • Support to PWDS
  • Free NHIS Registration
  • LEAP Disbursement
  • Training of women and youth in Vocation Skills
  • Free Breast Cancer Screening.
  • Food to the vulnerable.

Speaking on some of the flagship programs of government, the MCE stated that, Free Senior High School policy must be sustained at all cost and pleaded with other key stakeholders to ensure the policy achieve it’s intended purpose.

The MCE said almost every household in the country has benefited from the Free SHS policy since its inception.

Again on education, he said the government has built classrooms, dormitories, laboratory centres, Assembly Halls in almost all Senior High Schools in Ghana and Prempeh College and Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School all within the Kwadaso Municipality were not left out.

In Agriculture, the MCE pointed out that the Planting for Food and Jobs has produced jobs for the youth and is giving government some revenue.

He hinted that, the government through the Ministry of Agriculture has made available affordable improved seeds to support farmers across the Municipality.

The MCE informed the inhabitants that, the Assembly and Neulsenberg from Germany has entered into an agreement to support the harmful effects of climate change in the Municipality.

The German company will provide assistance to the Assembly to go into tree planting, solar energy, waste management among others.

He mentioned that, 3No. Solar powered boreholes have been constructed as part of the support from the German company.

Under One District One factory, Hon. Agyenim Boateng said, government has supported Kasapreko company at Tanoso. He said the company now produces water, fruit juice and soft drinks and has employed over Two Hundred (200) people due to government’s capital injection.

On the Agenda 111, the MCE disclosed that the Assembly was finding it difficult to get the required land for the construction of Agenda 111 hospital.

He said talks are far advanced with Nananom, to acquire a bigger land to facilitate the start of the Agenda 111 project.

The MCE revealed that the Municipality was big but could only boast of Hope Xchange Medical Center so pleaded with Traditional authorities to see how best they could collaborate to get the needed land to build a befitting hospital for the Municipality.

At Ohwimase where the MCE’S visitation started, Nana Otumfuo Sekyehene, Osei Tutu Agyei II, Otumfour Sekyehene chaired the programme which was held at the Anglican church. He welcomed the MCE and his team and expressed his appreciation for the visit.


He praised the MCE for the numerous developmental projects executed in the area.

The following challenges were stated by the inhabitants during an open forum.

  1. Lack of Public Toilet.
  2. Poor Road Network around the community especially from Ohwimase Hill Top.
  3. Lack of speed rumps on the roads within the community.
  4. Poor lighting system (street light).

The next place of the MCE’s visit was Kwadaso/Nsiah Asare, there Nana C.K. chaired the programme. He welcomed the MCE and his entourage into the community and thanked them for making time for them.

The Hon. Assembly members for the two electoral areas, Hon. Ernest Frimpong and Hon Samuel Kwaku Gyasi who is also the Presiding Member for the Assembly, speaking on behalf of their constituents tabled the following request for the Assembly’s consideration.


  1. Lack of urinal at Kwadaso Onion Market.
  2. Renovation of Kwadaso Market.
  3. Renovation of Beposo school park.
  4. Lack of gutter at Nsiah Asare township.
  5. Completed Kwadaso Police Station should be commissioned for use.
  6. Faulty traffic light at sofoline should be repaired.
  7. Construct access road to Kwadaso Abattoir.
  8. Unavailability of traffic light at Silion junction.

The programme was held at Kwadaso Methodist Church.

The last place of visit for the first day was held at the Rehabilitation Centre at Edwenease.

At Edwenease, the programme was chaired by Mr. Adusei. He welcomed the MCE and his entourage and thanked him for visiting them to know their concerns. He expressed the believe that the organization of such a programme was a sign that, the MCE values their contributions and would involve them in his administration.

At an open forum, the following request were made by the inhabitants.


  1. Lack of Public Toilet at Agric.
  2. Lack of gutters at Edwenease township.
  3. Stalled ICT Centre at Edwenease.
  4. Poor road network from Agric junction to SDA school.
  5. Lack of portable drinking water.

The second day which was 23rd September 2022 saw the MCE and his entourage visit Kwadaso North, Nwamase/Apire and Nzema/Kokode electoral areas.

At Apatrapa in the Kwadaso North electoral area, the programme was held at the Roman Catholic Church. Oheneba Akyiaa Panin III who chaired the programme welcomed the MCE and his entourage and extended her sincere gratitude to them for the visit. She praised the MCE for his hard work and commitment which has ensured the rapid development of the Municipality.

During an open forum, the following needs were espoused by the communities.


  1. Rehabilitation of Apatrapa market.
  2. Renovation of football pitch at Apatrapa.
  3. Lightening of Apatrapa RC school.
  4. Construction of community centre.
  5. Pokukrom road rehabilitation.
  6. Commission of completed school block.
  7. Help to renovate chief’s palace.

Nana Oheneba Akyiaa Panin III pleaded with the MCE to help them with the above infrastructure and again thanked him for embarking on such an important exercise.

Again at Nwamase/Apire obaapanin Agyeiwaa who chaired the event, thanked the Hon. MCE for the visit and commended him for engaging residents to know their challenges and how best to resolve them.

Many challenges were raised by residents of both Nwamase and Apire during an open forum.

The challenges were as follows:



  1. Poor road network at Apire.
  2. Lack of dumping site.
  3. Completed public toilet should be commissioned.
  4. Dilapidated school at ST. Hubert Seminary should be renovated.
  5. Rehabilitation of Agric Junction to Nwamase road.

Nana Afriyie Takyi III pledged his support for the MCE and hoped that, all the deliberations that had been undertaken will yield a positive result.

The last visit for the second day took the MCE and his entourage to Nzema/Kokode where the event was held at the Methodist church at Nzema.

Obaapanin Akosua Manu who chaired the event commended the MCE and said the visit is a show of love and concern towards the speedy development of the Municipality.

The following request was made to the Hon. MCE by residents of Nzema/Kokode during an open forum.


  1. High cost of Health screening by Environmental Health Department.
  2. Indiscipline in the various JHS/SHS within the community.

The third day of the MCE’s community engagement started from Takyiman/Dechemuoso. The event was held on the 27th September 2022 at Dechemuoso Mount Zion Presby Church.

Nana Afiriyie Takyi III, Takyiman Dikro who chaired the programme welcomed the MCE and his entourage and expressed his happiness to him for taking time out off his busy schedules to explain to them programmes and policies of the government and also to show them some of the projects his administration has undertaken since assuming office.

The chiefs together with members of the two communities enumerated the following as the challenges facing their communities.



  1. Youth unemployment.
  2. Compensation for land acquired for the construction of Agenda III hospital now been used to build a bungalow for High Court Judge.
  3. Lack of public toilet.
  4. Lack of refuse dump.
  5. Takyiman/ Dechenmuoso inner town roads
  6. Construction of new bridge

Present at the event was Akrokrohene III who is the chief of Dechenmuoso.

The next place of visit for the third day was at Asuoyeboah South. The event was held at Christ Apostolic Church at Asuoyeboah.

Elder Joseph Boah who chaired the event showered praises on the MCE for embarking on such an important exercise.

He advised the MCE to frequently embark on such exercise to propagate the good work of the Assembly and that of the government as many people were not aware of some of the infrastructural development he has undertaken in the Municipality.

Some of the challenges facing the Asuoyeboah community were:

  1. Rehabilitation of Asuoyeboah market.
  2. Task force to ease conjection especially at sofoline.
  3. Unassessed road around CAC.
  4. Inadequate security at Asuoyeboah.
  5. Health screening amount too high.
  6. Provision of seedlings for Tree Planting exercise.

At Tanoso, the event was held at the Church of Christ auditorium. Nana Twumasi who chaired the event welcomed the MCE and assured him that, he and his people will offer him the needed support to enable him succeed. He also pledged his support for the demolition of the Tanoso market to pave way for a new market to be built.



  1. Tanoso Inner town roads.
  2. Poor road network at Topre.
  3. Construction of Primary school block at Topre.
  4. Construction of Astro Turf at Tanoso.
  5. Tanoso township beautification.
  6. Refuse dump at Tanoso market road. Provision of street bulbs.
  7. More persons to be included in LEAP.
  8. Assistance to seamstress in the community.

On the fourth and final day, the tour took the MCE and his entourage to Asuoyeboah North. The event was held on 29th September 2022 at IPT Church of Pentecost.

Mr. Kingsley Asante Kwarteng who chaired the programme was very happy for the MCE ‘s visit and pledged his unflinching support for his administration.

He pleaded with the Assembly to help solve the many challenges facing the community and the Municipality as a whole.

Some of the challenges raised at the event included the following:

  1. Unavailability of traffic light.
  2. Asuoyeboah Inner City Roads construction.
  3. Fixing of streetlights within the community.
  4. P.T inner city roads construction.
  5. Assistance to Government Secretariat school.

At Nyankyerenease, Nana Adutwumwaa II, Nyankyereneasehemaa was very delighted about the MCE’s visit and thanked him for providing an opportunity for the citizenry to interact with him.

In an open forum, the following challenges were raised:

  1. Nyankyerenease Inner city roads construction.
  2. Provision of security at Nyankyerenease school.
  3. Provision of streetlights.
  4. Formation of city guard to direct traffic at I.P.T.
  5. Rehabilitation of Nyamkyerenease school gutter.
  6. Unavailability of market at Nyankyerenease.

The MCE made his final visit of the community engagement to Apatrapa New Site. Nana Kwafo Ababio, Amankwatiahene who chaired the event welcomed the Hon. MCE and his entourage into the community and praised him for taking time out of his tight schedule to visit them to know their problems at first hand.

The following challenges were raised during an open forum.

  1. Poor road network at Amankwatia.
  2. Kesseben Inner City Roads construction.
  3. Construction of a bridge at Kesseben.
  4. Traders at the Tanoso to Abuakwa pavement or walkway should be cleared.
  5. Construction of a new school at the community.


Since most of the communicates visited had similar needs or challenges, that is;

  • Provision of Toilets
  • Provision of Potable Water
  • Provision of adequate security
  • Rehabilitation and construction of school blocks
  • Rehabilitation of Roads
  • Construction of Health facilities
  • Provision of traffic light
  • Rehabilitation and building of markets

The Hon. MCE responded to most of the issues and challenges raised.

  • On the issue of public toilets; The MCE called on the people to take advantage of the “One Household One Toilet Project” to own their own toilet facilities in their homes. He said with this project, the Government would subsidize the construction of toilet facilities for households within the low income communities of which Kwadaso Municipal is included. He however said two public toilets at Apire and Apatrapa which has been renovated will soon be commissioned for use.


  • Rehabilitation and Construction of school blocks; The Hon. MCE responded that, the Assembly will build new schools and renovate dilapidated ones as captured in the Assembly’s budget for 2023. About a weak structure in St. Hubert Seminary, the MCE indicated that, the Municipal Engineer will be at the school to assess the structure and advice management accordingly.



  • Provision of Adequate Security; On security the Hon. MCE said as part of the effort to improve upon the security situation in the Municipality, the Assembly has constructed a 1No. Police Station with offices, cells and ancillary facilities at Nsiah Asare (Kwadaso) and Apire.

He also mentioned that, street bulbs have been supplied to all Assembly Members to be fixed in their various communities.

He urged residents to support the security agencies with the needed and vital information to enable them flush out criminals in the Municipality. He entreated residents to report all faulty streetlights in their communities to be fixed.


  • Provision of Potable Water; The Hon. MCE responded that, the Common Fund Secretariat has awarded ten boreholes to the Assembly which construction has already commenced in some communities.


  • Rehabilitation of Roads; The Hon. MCE hinted that, the Sinohydro Projects have already commenced and roads to be constructed under this facility includes Nwamase-Apire, Asuoyeboah Inner Roads and Abuakwa Office to Pokukrom. He also mentioned that, the Ohwimase to Hill Top road has also been awarded on contract but there is the need to talk to the contractor to return to site to continue the project. He pleaded with other communities to have patience for the Government as all other roads in the Municipality will be attended to.



  • Rehabilitation and Building of Markets; The Hon. MCE mentioned that, most of the markets in the Municipality need some form of renovation. He promised that the Assembly will do their best to put those markets in order for economic activities to go on smoothly. He however expressed his dissatisfaction about how some people are unwilling to move out of the Tanoso Market for the contractor to demolish the market for a new one to be built. He appealed to the chiefs of the area to speak to their people to vacate the place for work to commence at the Tanoso Market.


  • On provision of traffic light on the main Sofoline to Abuakwa road; The MCE informed the residents that, the contractor working on the Sofoline interchange is still working and as part of the contract, the contractor is supposed to fix traffic lights at some intersections.

Again on faulty traffic light at Apatrapa, the Hon. MCE said, he will get in contact with the contractor to fix the traffic light as soon as possible.

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